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Grav at Torch Theatre
to Feb 14

Grav at Torch Theatre



In October 2007 Ray Gravell, a man who for many embodied what it is to be Welsh, passed away after succumbing to complications resulting from contracting diabetes. He was 56 years old. 

Known to millions for his legendary exploits on the rugby field, ‘Grav’ was and is so much more than that. An actor, a cultural icon, a father, a husband, a man with a life packed full of stories that deserve to be heard once more. 

Gareth J Bale reprises the role of ‘Grav’ in this remarkable one-man show exploring the life and times of one of Wales’ most loved sons, Ray Gravell, written by Owen Thomas.

With the blessing of Mari, Ray’s widow, and contributions from his Welsh and British Lions team mates, this one-man show will explore the life of a man who was as fascinating away from the rugby field as he was on it. 

Following an incredible tour of Wales and the USA in 2018, including performances in New York and Washington DC, the Torch Theatre Company is delighted to once again bring the story of ‘Grav’ to the stage for 2019. 

Directed by the Torch Theatre’s Artistic Director Peter Doran, ‘Grav’ will remind the you once more of a unique life well lived and of a man who did so much more than eat soft centres. 

Whether you are a Rugby fan or not, only the hardest of hearts would fail to enjoy this production..

“An unashamed crowd-pleaser, pushing the audience’s patriotic buttons whilst retaining a genial tone throughout... with a central performance which will engage even non-rugby fans, this is robust and charming entertainment.”
British Theatre Guide 

“In this extraordinary and wonderful one-man play Gareth (John) Bale shows us he has as masterly a grasp of the art of theatre as his namesake, Gareth Bale, has of the art of international football.”
Theatre In Wales

* Laurel Award Winner - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2015

* Best Production – Wales Theatre Awards, 2016

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