The Other Room at Porters in Cardiff

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The Other Room is a world-class producing house, making visionary, distinctive theatre like nothing else in the Welsh capital. It is a small space where young artists have the freedom to take big risks; that celebrates Wales as a bi-lingual nation; and where new Welsh plays go toe-to-toe with the most exciting modern drama.

Founded in 2014, The Other Room is Cardiff’s first pub theatre. Within their purpose built space they run a year-round programme. They produce and curate plays, and their emphasis is on supporting the very best in Welsh and Wales-based artists. They are an intimate theatre of just 45 seats, and they bring audiences back to the live experience with an intensity no other venue in Cardiff offers.

The Other Room presents new work and great modern plays from 1950 onwards, working with actors, writers, designers and directors of international quality, to make brave, bold theatre deserving of their talents

Visit their website here for information on all the events they have going on